openSUSE Aeon

The Linux Desktop for people who want to "get stuff done"
openSUSE Aeon is still in a Release Candidate stage!

Features At a Glance

Automated Maintenance
Daily system updates happen automatically while you work. Your running system is not affected until you reboot, keeping your workday consistent and avoiding any unexpected issues with your apps.
Minimal Yet Functional
The base system is kept small and simple, but with everything you need for getting straight on with your tasks - including programming, gaming, media production and clerical work.
Aeon ships with Distrobox configured to launch Tumbleweed containers, perfect for your development tools and projects.
Flatpak is set up ready for you to find your favourite apps from flathub.

Who Is Aeon For?

Aeon is great for anyone who wants a computer that "just works"; in particular it is perfect for the "lazy developer" who prefers to spend their time getting things done while letting their desktop take care of itself. The OS is static, automated and reliable, letting you focus on your apps and work.

Aeon has a clear vision of a consistent and predictable experience across all installs, which may not be the perfect environment for a hardcore system-tinkerer - we recommend openSUSE Tumbleweed for scratching that itch.

Transactional Updates

  • Aeon makes use of transactional-update to provide atomic updates utilising the power of btrfs snapshots. Your system is updated inside a new snapshot leaving your current system unaffected.
  • If an update should fail for any reason the new snapshot can be discarded, ensuring your system remains bootable and functional regardless.
  • Snapshots contain your configuration in /etc, allowing you to rollback configuration changes too.
  • Your current RPM packages are supported by transactional-update, as well as most of the packages in openSUSE's repos.

Further Information

For a deep dive on the origins and use-cases for Aeon, check out this video:

Video on YouTube

For technical details and how-tos, head over to the Wiki:

Aeon Wiki

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Asking Questions

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